At the Frontier of Shellfish

We're one of Italy's only functioning Manila clam hatcheries. And we're just getting started.

The Finest Produce

Committed to excellence.

Albarella combines technologies and methods acquired from in collaboration with international aquaculture experts.

Shellfish at Scale

We're constantly expanding our capabilities, producing greater quantities and varieties of species.

Pushing the limits

A hotbed of top-tier aquaculture talent.

If you'e got proven experience or novel ideas, get in touch and let's see if we're a good fit.

Working across domains

Consulting with industry veterans and innovative upstarts.

By combining the practical wisdom of fisherman with the cutting-edge breakthroughs of scientists, we engineer pathways to aquaculture excellence.

Feeding Italy's Families

Albarella's manila clam hatchery provides clams for Italy's fishermen to grow and sell, feeding other families and their own.

Rooted in Tradition

We're connected all the way to the origins of Manila clam production in Europe.

Exclusive Location

We're located in one of the most desired areas for water quality and aesthetic beauty.


We'd love to hear from you.

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Our blue soft-shell crabs are in high demand across restaurants and wholesalers throughout Italy.

Our hatchery produces Manila clams that are ripe for your pre-grow system or FLUPSY.

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Our Facility


Our shellfish are provided every nutrient they need to grow through a specific diet based on a mix of micro-algae, consisting of different species.


Our production is based on a diverse selection of broodstock which are maintened under constantly controlled environment and provided with a
nutrient rich phytoplankton diet


Inside our facility larvae and spat are raised from zigote to pediveliger using down-welling & up-welling systems

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Our Story

The first attempts to introduce Manila clam in Italy date from 1983, when a small amount of seed (approx. 0.5 kg of 3 mm size) purchased in an English hatchery was sown in the southern basin of the Venice lagoon by Dr Paolo Breber, a dear friend of Thetis team.At the time, nobody could have predicted that this ‘bucketload’ of spat would serve as the start of something so grand. The species demonstrated excellent acclimatisation skills and quickly made this region their home, commercially substituting the native carpet shell.Manila clams rapidly became an important economic resource for Italy and continue being so to this day. Today Manila clam is the first species for Italian aquaculture in value and in 2011 accounted for 222 million euro, with 80% of European market originating from the venetian lagoon.

Despite their widely accepted importance, Manila clams are facing numerous threats nowadays, which are putting the future of this ecosystem at jeopardy. Indiscriminate exploitation of natural beds, illegal gathering and use of high-impacting harvest gears are just some of the attributes of the overall adopted logic of unsustainable exploitation that we are focused on changing.Through our work, we wish to demonstrate to the community that production can operate in balance with nature rather than at its expense.Our methods ensure that local sediment and waters remain unharmed, while we also closely monitor all environmental changes in the region and are quick to alert the appropriate authorities if we come across any evidence of wrongdoing. Our goal is to preserve this unique environment and demonstrate by example, so that local aquatic life can keep thriving for decades to come.

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Theodoros Tserni • managing director

Nicola Scalise • scientific DIRECTOR

TANIA SMATROVA • finance director

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At Albarella, we value:
- passion
- attention to excellence
- and quality communication
above all else.We're looking for A-players in the aquaculture sector who want to be a part of our operation.

Open Positions

Senior Hatcher ManagerAs we're expanding, we're looking for an experienced manager to overlook day-to-day operations at our manila clam hatchery.If you consider yourself to be an individual of excellent quality please apply — we believe that expertise can be trained but character cannot.

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